Web Design

Garmon Audio

“Pushing the envelope of custom audio...”

Status : Under Construction

Grey Melon Motorcycle

“A small group of riders that fabricate, weld, and sometimes beat parts and motorcycles into submission.”

Photos by Rosemary

“A quality photo is priceless.  In one snapshot time is captured in all of its beauty and emotion.” 

Access 1 Alarm & Audio

“Our nationally certified installers are dedicated to  providing you with quality, safety, and luxury.”

The Plaid Pony

My personal portfolio site.

Art On Wheels Inc.

“We come to you with all of the supplies that you need to experience the creative process through the use of multi-disciplinary hands-on art activities. Just add people and stir up the creativity!”


Polkadot Pound Cake Co.

Polka Dot Pound Cakes are lovingly baked to order using farm fresh products,  no added preservatives,  and no ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

Status : Active

Trinity Farm of the Western Resreve

Trinity Farm of the Western Reserve offers a combination of therapeutic, recreational and agricultural programs in a Christian environment. !”

Status : Active

Puffin Muffins

“Like No Muffin On Earth”


“We serve to give voice to individuals of all abilities thorugh engagement in hands-on experiences that enrich the lives of individuals, their families, and our communities.”

The Bom

“Not your grandma’s truffles. Made with love and alcohol!”